Beyond Boxes
Our Story
We know exactly how it feels to have missed an opportunity to do something you always wanted. On the other hand, we also know how it feels to have lived without regrets. Sometimes you need just a little help to cross that bridge. True passion knows no age, no gender and no limitations. If you are passionate about what you really want to do, we will help you discover how awesome you are no matter how old, young or confined you are.
With the help of our partners, we facilitate workshops and deliver first class training for you to pursue your true calling – be it photography, horse riding, designing your own pottery, dancing or public speaking. By putting your interests at the heart of everything we do, we hope to not only help you push yourself beyond your boxes, but also inspire and empower you to enjoy every new adventure as it unfolds.  

Our Team
Anu Singh
Beyond Boxes FZE
Anu has had a busy life working in the advertising industry. With a professional career spanning 25 years, she has had the opportunity to nurture many talents along the way. During her busy life, she’d wondered many times how she missed out on doing the many things she really wanted to do, like learning to ride a bike, or learning the steps of Bhangra, to name a few.
Along the way, she did manage to fulfill a few from the list, one of them being river rafting. The experience was a turning point in her life. She was rafting through the Ganges at overwhelming speed, when at one point, she got thrown out of the raft, hit the rocks and found herself in the dark and frightening space on the underside of the raft. Frightened and gasping for breath, suddenly there was enough air to breathe, although panic had set in, there was a strange calmness. She was badly hurt, yet she came out with a broad smile and a victorious feeling of achievement. And that is the very moment when the seed was sown for Beyond Boxes.

She gave up her high paying, full time job as a Digital/Social Media Strategist to do the things she loves and facilitate others to do the same. Also realising why making a bucket list was as important as putting a check along it and as important to cherish the adventure and experience along the way. She set up Beyond Boxes to enable her to continue nudging people to find their passion.

Now, equipped with a lot of wind under her wings from friends and family, she hopes to impact and inspire many others positively. It’s never too late to check the list, as long as you have the passion to think beyond boxes!

Anu is assisted with a passionate team who partners with like-minded service providers to help revive your passion for something new at any age and at any time!