Beyond Boxes
The BB team is ever evolving and we believe in empowering you to reimagine, reinvent and relive!
We will keep adding services as we go along so that we can nudge you to break free from the boxed confines of a traditional lifestyle!

Find your passion
Browse through upcoming workshops or leave your details so we can help organise the activity you are passionate about. We hope to find it for you sooner than later!
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All workshop services will be available to register on this website through an online secure payment gateway system. Payments will be accepted through Visa and MasterCard in AED currency.

Customised Entertainment
From small private parties to special occasions, we customise entertainment to suit your needs. We promise to make your occasions and parties the talk of the town. Get nostalgic and bring back old memories with a Retro live band, enjoy a mesmerising Sufi night, sing along to a masala Bollywood night or rev it up with some Punjabi beats.

Call +971 527775956 to meet and discuss your needs so we can customise your entertainment as per your invitees, occasion and budgets.
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