Beyond Boxes
When was the last time you lived? Not with the regrets of yesterday, but with the hopes of tomorrow. Not with the anxiety of failure, but with the confidence of overcoming a challenge. Not with the burden of unfulfilled dreams, but with the euphoria of great accomplishments. Not in the flow of familiar routines, but in the excitement of new experiences. When was the last time you really lived? Beyond Boxes is here to help you go from ‘I always wanted to’ to ‘I finally did it’ so that you can take the ‘what if’ moments of life and translate them to ‘what now’ moments. Join us, look beyond the box and discover or rediscover yourself. 
We facilitate workshops and deliver first class training for you to pursue your true calling – By putting your interests at the heart of everything we do, we hope to not only help you push yourself beyond your boxes, but also inspire and empower you to enjoy every new adventure as it unfolds.  
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