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OrangeAid Children’s Book

OrangeAid Children’s Book




This book is for all the wonderful children who have been part of my life while fueling each other’s creativity through our workshops. 

This book is also dedicated to the oldest and youngest in my family.

To my father, who may not have been a hands on father while I was young but to the man he became as I grew up. A man whose presence I celebrate each day even though he is not present. 

To my 8 year old Samar, who is smart, intelligent, witty and funny. Who adds so much love and life to our family. The first page is also designed from his thoughts. I hope his dreams take shape and so do yours! 

Enjoy the colouring, enjoy the process! 


Benefits of Colouring

Colouring is a fun and beneficial activity which helps develop important skills while providing a creative outlet for self-expression. Let your creativity flow, take inspiration from my coloured pages or just go with your imagination and have fun!

  • Colouring requires gripping and manipulating colouring tools. This helps improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Colouring enhances expression through creativity by choosing colours and creating designs.
  • Colouring helps develop focus and concentration skills while being alert on colouring within the lines and focussing on the task.
  • Colouring helps learning about colours, shapes, patterns and creates spatial awareness.
  • Colouring can be a calming activity which helps reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Colouring builds confidence and self-esteem. Completing a colouring page can give a sense of accomplishment as well as boost self-esteem.


Highlights of the book: 

  • This book is specifically designed for children.


  • Each page is hand-crafted. 


  • The book is printed on very good quality paper so that they can use any colouring medium. 


  • As the name suggests, “OrangeAid” is meant to be your child’s happy companion, the colouring activity will help reduce screen time. 


  • Each page is conceptualized and  designed with a powerful message that will resonate with every child. 


  • As children colour, the page will help teach important lessons that will stay with them. 

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