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I'm Anu Singh.

Artist, NLP Master Practitioner & innovative meditative art teacher, author.

No designation has brought me more joy than that of being an artist.

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My Story

As a lifelong student of arts, I helped companies in India and Middle East to develop imaginative advertising, web development and digital marketing concepts for 27 years. And now I utilise my training in arts, passion for creativity, NLP training and experience in designing workshops to create joy & wellbeing. I am a full-time Artist and author of adult and children colouring books.

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser” This quote by John W. Gardner describes me as an artist and the Art & Craft workshops I design and conduct effectively.

As in life there are no erasers and one must acknowledge mistakes, apologise if required, learn from them and move towards opportunities and so in art one must free the mind to create without worrying about the outcome. I believe art is about expressing, creating and enjoying the journey. 

I firmly believe, no child should ever grow up thinking they are not creative because art is the true magician where creativity flows freely and widely and one touches not only senses but imagination and the heart. Let no adult ever feel they are not creative, as creativity exists in every aspect at work and home, one only needs to be aware.

My workshops for children and adults

Art expressions

My artistic journey has led me to exhibit my art in many locations in India and Dubai. It has been a fulfilling and enriching journey to go back to what I love the most.

One of the best qualities required in an artist, and something I imbibed from the Zentangle training is to be “Fearless” while ‘Creating’. Whether Zentangle, Alcohol ink or Acrylics, I imbibe the “No Mistakes” theory and create with abandon. Creating without worrying of the outcome fuels amazing involvement and results. All my creations stem from the visions of my mind and the passion of my heart! I create with love and abandon. This reflects in each of my works, you will see colour bursts, straight lines, splashes and blocks, yet a method to the madness! I also love embellishing my work with detailed hand work.

My colouring books

My passion for mental well-being has now fuelled my imagination to create hand- crafted colouring books. This simple activity of colouring relaxes the mind and encourages people to lose themselves in the world of colour and take care of their minds!


My first book, “breathe Some Orange” stands out from other colouring books, it’s hand-crafted with a beautiful message on each page and printed on high quality paper with hours of colouring.


My second book is a pocket sized colouring book for adults and children. Based on popular demand, I hand-crafted this book of positivity which is easy to travel with and provides comfort to the mind in 20 minutes!


The third book is a colouring book for children that will remind them of their values and to be constantly grateful.


Reach out to me for customized art, workshops and my colouring books!

For more details about my workshops:

I design each workshop infused with art. There is thought and purpose with the end result in mind. Each workshop is designed with the correct tool and medium to imbibe the lesson well. They are designed so that during the process everyone is naturally creative and expressive, imbibing the lesson well, while achieving focus and mindfulness one stroke at a time. This also allows the mind to take some time off to let the body create. 

I design workshops that teach important life lessons like acknowledging and handling emotions, how to identify goals, how to optimize team work, how to handle mistakes, how to handle stress etc. to children and adults. My workshops are exciting, productive and immersive. The medium is always art, the learning is effective and the results are outstanding. 

I also teach art as a creative resource to all ages. My oldest student has been over 90 years and youngest 4 years. I also have experience of exposing children with dyslexia and autism to the wonderful world of art.

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