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The workshops are designed by me from experience as a Master NLP Practitioner. I combine my artistic skills to provide the best learning experience. A win-win situation for you.


Imagine training your mind with multiple important skills in one workshop. Experiential learning using art as a medium is an immensely powerful training technique. Adults and children learn the skill while working with colours, different mediums and tools. The involvement makes the learning easy and impactful, ensuring you never forget what is being taught. The method is playful and not forced hence easy for you to imbibe the lesson.

What you will be exposed to in your workshop

  •  The importance of the topic through a conversation or story.

  • The understanding of the topic through the beautiful medium of art.

  • This will then be converted into an artwork using the correct medium and method.

  • Through creativity the topic will come to life on paper. 

  • he lesson well learnt as it comes to life with your own hands.

  • This artwork will always be available for you to remember and imbibe.


What you will gain from the workshops

  • Learn important lessons for personal and career growth. 

  • Reflect on lessons that are not spoken about at home, in schools or offices.

  • Learn to focus and relieve stress during the creative process.

  • Learn to imbibe the lessons learnt in your daily life.

  • Learn the importance of creativity in the future.

  • A great source for your mental well-being.

  • Learn a new skill from the various range of art methods like Zentangle, breathing art, pop art, line work, mandala, acrylics, water colours etc.


Value summary
You may have been exposed to art classes to learn art. You may have been exposed to talk or conversation about an important topic during workshops. This time you will learn a topic or lesson in the most effective way as the medium of art will weave the topic into your creative activity. In these workshops you are taught the importance of the lesson through experiential learning. Art is the medium and the creative process makes the understanding even better ensuring the lesson learnt remains forever. The process also enhances creativity and helps you focus.  The additional gain is that you learn a new technique that lets your creativity flow
through the workshops. A win-win situation for you.

Reach out to me to design and conduct a workshop for any age group for customized topics and lessons.

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